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Traderate is the new way to hire tradies at a price you can afford!

Our easy to use app allows you access to trade services 24/7 on-demand

Tradies when you need them, wherever you need them at the touch of a button.

24/7 Assistance

No matter the time, day or night, we’re here for you. Whether you need an urgent repair, planning for a renovation, or you’re simply locked out of the house, let us come to you.

Skilled Tradespeople

We know if you’re using traderate, you’re probably in need of a professional. With reliable and experienced operators, local on the job knowledge and great customer service, we’ll help you out! 

Quality Promise

With the latest in mobile app and web technology, our platform is capable of providing you with the complete trade service, everything from booking to paying all on your mobile.

Why Choose Us?

Save Time – Save Money – Stay Local

The trade industry enriches our lives everywhere you look, from our homes to our transport, our schools to commercial business.

Traderate is our unique way to serve millions of trade customers Australia wide, we believe in building the trade industry and promoting the hard working men and women that own and operate trade businesses, our mobile solution ensures a quality experience, using industry leading, qualified and licensed tradespeople local to you.

How does it work?


Using our mobile app, you can select and book any tradie at a time that suits you


Once the job is complete choose from one of three easy payment options


Simply rate your trade experience to ensure the next customer gets the same quality service

An easy way to hire tradies at a price you can afford 

– Jessica Chetwynd, Secret Harbour, WA

Are you a trade business owner?

Running your own business is tough, time spent invoicing can leave you pulling your hair out and then there’s the stress of managing cash-flow.

Traderate is your partner in trade, our mobile solution affords you the time to do what you do best!

  • Australians rank fourth highest in world for household debt
    With the avg home loan $368,000, this combined with our stagnant average wage growth of 2.3% per year equates to more aussies choosing to spend more time at home and spend money on maintenance or upgrade of their properties.